Great piece, so needs to be said. Hopefully progressives will become more and more able to hear it as time goes on.

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Great piece. Surely going to stir up some discussion.

Guns. Guns is the issue. Guns.

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Really appreciated your content on the podcast last week.

It was some of the most viscerally unpleasant audio I've had to experience in a while. But I think that's the point. It should make a college educated white man uncomfortable to consider the status quo.

I very much hope that my friends and ideological neighbors that are progressive like I am will understand the intent of you raising some important questions and backing it up with verifiable facts.

I like that you are trying to focus in on a place that is not specific to race but it's definitely a problem in America for everybody. This problem also seems more solvable than some of the other issues in Am

erica, including racism

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This is a really valuable comment, thank you.

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Bad voice text transcript from me, but glad you understood

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