About Pesca Profundities

Once was a repository of letters on cancel culture between Mike and an old friend, a single-sided strike forced this Substack to sprout wings like a butterfly and become something else entirely. It is now the archive for the written reflections of a podcaster, journalist, and gentleman-raconteur.

Who Is This Mike Pesca And Why Is It Said He’s Profound?

Three theories:
1) He hosts The Gist, the longest running daily news and analysis podcast in existence.
2) For ten years he was a reporter for NPR. In addition to guest-hosting the NPR Programs All Things Considered and the news quiz Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, his work has been featured on This American Life, Radiolab, and Planet Money. He has frequently appeared on MSNBC, CNN, and The PBS Newshour, and written for The Washington Post, The Guardian, GQ, Slate, and Baseball Prospectus. Mike is the editor of Upon Further Review: The Greatest What-Ifs in Sports History
3) A mistranslation from Aramaic

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The host of The Gist podcast tries to achieve the same effect with squiggles on the page as he does with vibrations of sound waves.


Host of the daily podcast The Gist. Co-host of the podcast Not Even Mad. 10 years at NPR covering presidential elections, political conventions, hurricanes, New York City breaking news, and lots and lots of sports.